Everything on one platform

Mowida is a tool for you who run a real estate company and need a smartplatform for administration and rental.

A simple overview

The system summarizes everything you need to keep track of your dailybusiness. You get easy access to information such as free items,unpaid rents, new expressions of interest and anything else that requires yoursattention.

People who are important to you

A simpler flow of information between you and people who are important to youbusiness whether it is a registration of interest, feedback inmatters, contract writing or moving in. It's easy to be transparenton your own terms.

Check out the smallest detail

What washing machine is in which apartment and when was it installed? How?Many keys have been handed out? What does the standard for a rental property look like?Avoid flipping through binders, searching in excel and deleting documents. On ourplatform, the information is easy to find and just a few clicks away.

Become your own economist

Whether you connect to an external financial system or choose to createnotices in our platform, the rental notification and rent splitting can be handledfrictionless. In the system you can see if there are unpaid rents, createrent adjustments and track the financial history of your rental properties.


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Student room

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